I'm an artist & user interface designer/developer with experience in five fields:

Plaster chicken foot mold

Museum Design

I work at the Museum of Science, Boston as the user interface designer for the exhibits software team. Earlier — through MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) — I helped produce installations with visiting artists and faculty.

Select exhibitions I’ve contributed toward:

Baby spider plant


I'm up to the challenge of illuminating and visualizing complex ideas & excited by opportunities where I can both learn about a subject and design for it.

♥ My question and interview was featured on Gastropod's episode Gettin' Fizzy with It Episode about seltzer water!

Red balloon with cat face


Playing the piano and dancing brings me life and connects me to amazing people. I've performed and choreographed modern dance, performed with an all ladies salsa/bachata styling team, and currently dabble in ballet and modern dance! For piano, I'm most interested in jazz, though my favorite pianists are Joni Mitchell and Vince Guaraldi. Check out my duet (with accordion) of Joni Mitchell's "River".

Brown Running Horse logo

My Running Horse logo is derived from the first illustration in my Chinese New Year series. The horse is moving and grounded at the same time, which is what I aspire toward in my work and life.