Artist Statement

I express journeys and reflections through metaphor and abstraction, focusing often on the engagement of human and animal bodies with both natural and built environments. My lifelong study of dance and music is reflected in the expressions of the figures I illustrate and choreograph, my passion for landscape architecture and gardening in an awareness of spaces and life cycles.

My aesthetic has always been influenced by my Sicilian and Chinese heritage. I draw from the expressive intensity of Italian artwork and culture, as well as the delicacy and usage of white space in traditional East Asian painting and printmaking. I fuse these cultural and aesthetic influences with the environments of urban Cambridge, MA, where I live and work, and the South Shore of Mass./Cape Cod, where some of my family lives.

In the tradition of the conceptual art movement, I emphasize processes of production: the "why" and "how" of ideas and materials. It's no coincidence that I am also very interested in the design of science education content and digital experiences. I define starting points, observations, and processes in extended studies in my online project galleries. I find the structures developed in the sciences to be useful for building collections of artwork. Two recent series, for example, use the framework of the solar year: one being study of the rise and fall of energies in the four seasons, and the second a series of portraits using the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.

Visual arts are probably my primary mode of artistic expression, but dance and music have always been interests of mine, and have risen in prominence in my life recently:

I studied ballet from a young age, and was very active in my high school's modern dance company as a performer and choreographer. Afterward, I volunteered at the school the as an alum guest to choreograph for students, but rarely danced myself. After this gap, I returned to dance at age 23 unexpectedly after I encountered salsa/bachata/merengue dance in the wild while visiting my aunt in Miami Beach, FL. I now practice and perform salsa in the Boston area.

A year later, I returned to piano after over a decade, finding renewed inspiration in playing the instrument after getting very interested in listening to jazz and Latin music. I feel a lot of potential in the study of music, and greatly enjoy the overlaps I experience with other art forms (e.g. both playing and dancing to salsa montunos, listening to music while I paint...). I am curious and excited to see where these new creative journeys lead next!