Italy, Monaco, and France

Illustrations created in April 2013

I traveled as an assistant chaperone with a high school group from Cambridge. The trip started in Milan and went to Venice, Florence, Pisa, then west to Monaco and the South of France. We took a train from Nice and ended in Paris.

Early on in the trip, in Florence, the Boston Marathon bombings happened. It was terrifying to see news footage of home while in Italy and very stressful to not be able to communicate regularly while on the road. By the time we were leaving Paris, air travel was allowed again.

Between the very packed travel schedule and the crisis back home, this was a very intense experience. Keeping a sketchbook over these days was a great tool for focusing my experience and absorbing as much as I could in the beautiful places I got to see. this trip was when I started doing drawings en plein air during travels, and also was the entry point to my Zodiac illustration series.